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Credit Valley Trail Strategy

Credit Valley Trail Strategy

As the initiator, advocate and principal consultant, Susan lead the Credit Valley Trail Strategy initiative that spent 60-years on the books.

In partnership with the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Credit Valley Conservation Foundation and Credit Valley Conservation, Susan:

  • designed and launched the Call to Action in February 2015
  • brought over 55 partners to the table;
  • lead First Nations, Metis and Indigenous community involvement;
  • leveraged funding resources for the project team;
  • conducted over 5 council delegations and 15 community engagement sessions;
  • formed and facilitated Steering Committee meetings;
  • designed community outreach surveys, blogs and media articles;
  • designed and coordinated a Municipal Leaders Forum as well as one-on-one interviews with every local, regional and provincial elected official along the CVT 100-km alignment;
  • identified the preferred trail alignment in partnership with local and regional planning staff;
  • authored the first two versions of the final CVT Strategy;
  • and informed the development of the CVT Governance Council.

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