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Susan Robertson has demonstrated her commitment to the field of planning, generously providing her time as a volunteer mentor to myself, a new member of Ontario Professional Planners Institute.  As part of the mentorship program Susan and I have worked through a variety of challenging planning and employment related topics. To each issue, Susan has provided insightful advice from her wealth of professional experience.  Her ability to facilitate conversation and to bridge diverse perspectives yields excellent balanced outcomes. She is a pleasure to work with.

Susan Robertson is a keen listener committed to meaningful relationship building, authentic voiced direction, structured long term visioning and respectful engagement. Working with Susan for over 3 years in a variety of venues, scenarios and people allowed me to see her wide variety of credible skill sets, energetic enthusiasm and creativity.

I found her to be attentive, detail oriented, great at summarizing lengthy discussions accurately, able to hold privacy respectfully and really good at bringing a wide variety of people together on projects. Her effective communication style and heartfelt commitment to excellence is a rare but welcome asset that I will continue to seek on future projects. Her diverse knowledge on a wide variety of topics was invaluable along with her vast network of contacts.

Susan Robertson developed an exemplary process of consultation and engagement with First Nations for the initial phase of development of the Credit Valley Trail Project. She listened respectfully, with sensitivity and a strong commitment to Indigenous knowledge and decision-making.

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